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Personal Greeting

Personal Greeting


I will record a personal video greeting for you or a friend.  I edit the videos with a nice polished opening that shows my name, month and year, and the bunnyhead logo. 

EXAMPLES: "Hi (name),  this Kerri Kendall Miss September 1990, and I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!" 


"Hi, this is Kerri Kendall, Playboy's Miss September 1990, and I have a message for (name) from (name)......"

Type the name(s) and message in the "Personalize to" section.  I will automatically say "This is Kerri Kendall, Miss September 1990"  so you do not have to type that.  You can be fun and creative with your message!  

Make sure you fill out the contact form on my site so I have your email address, because  I will upload your video to a Dropbox share folder after I've recorded it. 

**Videos will not be nude and I will not say anything sexually explicit. I reserve the right to refusal. If you are unsure if your message is too inappropriate, email me first and we'll work something out that we are both comfortable with.  I will not endorse or insult any politician.  (even if I agree)


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