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You've GOT to Hear This!

Podcast Reviews and Appearances
I have  been listening to podcasts religiously since 2008 - before most of the world had even heard the word "podcast." As a diehard fan, I created a segment called "You GOT to Hear This!" where I review some of my favorites podcasts. If you want to check out a podcast I review, just click the title and it will take you to all of the episodes.  I  have also posted episodes from podcasts that I have appeared on as a guest. 
September 2020: A return to Imaginarium 4 years later!  A fun chat with Scott Colbert & Todd Staruch from Imaginarium podcast!
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Clean eating,dirty sex

Part 1

April 2019: Interviewed by Randall Boettger for the Clean Eating, Dirty Sex podcast.
33 Clean Eating Dirty Sex Part 1
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clean eating,Dirty sex

Part 2

April 2019: Randall and I had so much fun talking, he made it a two-parter! 
35 Clean Eating Dirty Sex part 2
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DISGRACELAND: Don't be fooled by the title, this podcast isn't about Elvis. Disgraceland explores the dark side of bands and musicians from every era!

Disgraceland FINAL - 11:18:19, 1.50 PM
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you've got to hear this!

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You've got to hear this!

DOLLY PARTON'S AMERICA:  If you don't love Dolly Parton, what kind of a monster are you?? Dolly Parton's America really showcases the many facets of America's sweetheart. 

Dolly Parton Intro Outro Final - 11:18:1
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You GOT to Hear This lt burgundy.jpg


DISORGANIZED CRIME: Imagine growing up and finding out that your idyllic childhood was funded by your parent's secret pot smuggling career. This is a really fun and funny podcast!

Disorganized Crime Final with Intro
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