Personal Message Video $49.99

Personal Message Video $49.99


I will record a personal video greeting for you or a friend. 

EXAMPLE: "Hi (name),  this Kerri Kendall Miss September 1990, and I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!"

Type the name and message in the "Personalize to" section.  I will automatically say "This is Kerri Kendall, Miss September 1990"  so you do not have to type that. 

Make sure you fill out the contact form on my site so I have your email address, because  I will upload your video to a Dropbox share folder after I've recorded it. 

**Videos will not be nude and I will not say anything vulgar.  I reserve the right to refusal. If you are unsure if your message is too inappropriate, email me first.  I will not endorse any politician. 

*** Videos are $50 each, I have taken into consideration the automatic S&H add on. 


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